We all consume a wide variety of textiles, most eventually become part of our garbage. The Missouri Waste Composition Study (98-99) revealed nearly 5% of the trash collected for disposal in the landfill, was textiles. There are many avenues to reuse or recycle your old textiles, like hand me downs, give way, garage sales and use as household rags. There is a well developed textile recycling industry, with some 350 businesses across the nation. They remove over 2.5 billion pounds of post consumer textile product annually, that represents 10 pounds for every person in the United States.

Region D Solid Waste Council has set a goal to offer recycling opportunities for textiles in our District. Annual collections accept clothing, paired shoes, towels, blankets, sheets, belts, hats and purses. These textiles can be garage sale leftovers, out dated styles or come from spring cleanings. The only requirement is that all items are clean and dry.

Acceptable Items:

  • All Clean Clothing
  • Towels
  • Hats & Belts
  • Paired shoes should be placed in a plastic grocery bag
  • Paired Gloves
  • Curtains
  • Coats
  • Bedding


  • Wet or mildewed clothing or Rugs
  • Plastic Foam or rubber backed drapes

All usable clothing collected will be used as clothing in its original form. The balance will be used in the manufacture of wiping rags and fiber stuffing for automobiles.

For Collection Dates, Please Visit:

Disposal Collections Calendar