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Approximately 5 million waste tires are generated in Missouri each year. Tire dumping is a big problem, and rural areas too often become their illegal resting place. The Missouri Highway Department picks up and disposes of more than 4,000 tires off roadways monthly, costing the taxpayer over $60,000 annually.

Proper disposal of old tires at the time you purchase new tires, is not difficult. The place of purchase is required to accept your old tires for proper disposal. There is often a disposal fee charged, but you know the tire will be disposed of correctly.

In the past, the District has collected over 15,000 tires from residents. Many of the waste tires collected in our District have been processed into tire crumbs and returned to the District for bedding on school and park playgrounds. Some tires have also been chopped into 3 inch chunks and used to make electricity.

Established products that are made from recycled tires include:

  • Footwear
  • Barrier walls
  • Building blocks
  • Erosion control systems
  • Landfill drainage layers
  • Retaining walls
  • Road base fill
  • Athletic surfaces
  • Marine surfaces
  • Mats
  • Livestock feeders
  • Landscaping products
  • Irrigation layers
  • Retreaded tires
  • Rubberized plastic lumber
  • Rubber asphalt pavements
  • Railroad crossing ties
  • Traffic control products

Without recycling, this could be the next addition to your community.


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